Chowder Crawl

Oct 16, 2020

Our first trip in the Fancy Airstream seems a bit like a dream. Larry and I love the coast of Connecticut, we have both traveled there for business for years.

So, when I mentioned that I wanted to go to the coast of Connecticut and Massachusetts for our first trip, he was elated.  Our son Hayden is eLearning and the experience for him was nothing that he could have gotten in the classroom.  

When Larry and I have traveled to the coast in the past, we have always done a “Chowder Crawl.”  We would drive through little towns on our way to our next destination and just randomly stop to try the clam chowder. 

We planned to make 2 stops en-route to the coast. West Branch State Park in Ravenna, OH was our first stop.

It is an amazing place, so much to do there that we plan on going back for a longer stay. One night was not enough to soak in the natural beauty.

Our second stop was supposed to be a trip down memory lane. My mom and dad used to take us camping there when there were pig races and dances in front of the campground. Let’s just say that some things are best left in our memories, the campground was not what I remembered. 

The next stop was East Lyme, Connecticut where we had a campsite booked for 3 nights. On our first foray into East Lyme, we found the most amazing fish market and eatery. Flanders Fish Market BEST CHOWDER EVER! This is a must-stop if you are anywhere in the area. So good that we went back a couple of times. 

One of the benefits to the Fancy Camper is a well equipped kitchen and we took advantage of that when we grilled mussels for dinner one night. It was fun to grill without having to rough it. 

Unfortunately, the campground was not what their marketing led us to believe. Our site was gorgeous on the lake and centrally located to travel the coast of Connecticut, but the place was really eerie, no one was out. People seemed to be scurrying around in the dark, so we decided to leave a night early for Plymouth Massachusetts.

Only 2 hours’ drive time, the Indianhead Resort in Plymouth, Massachusetts was not exactly what comes to mind when the word resort is used. We were nestled in the middle of a lot of seasonal regulars. It was quaint and there were lots of great trails. Beach access was directly down the road. 

We spent time in Plymouth taking Hayden to the Whale museum and doing other cool things in this amazing historical town. 

Our last chowder experience was at a roadside seafood sandwich shop on the beach.  It was windy and cold, but a perfect spot for “chowder” and a beer. 

Til next time y’all!  Here’s to “Fancy Camping!”

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